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I'm 15 weigh 125 pnds am 5'3 my weight fluctuated over the yrs so I hve the worst stretch marks on my thighs there thick and gross so I made up a remedy

4 tble spoons extra virgin olive oil
4 tbs of aloe Vera
At first I didn't notice anything than I put it in the freezer so it wud hve more of a merchant texture not as sticky or messy I put it on before I went to bed I woke up and some had faded for complete gone do it once in the morning once at night and they shud fade and up to 6 days shud be gone

After 3 for me they were gone

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lmao omg i really was just looking to make my stretch marks go away but you guys are freaking hilarious!! Did it really make it worse?? This is terrible but it was really funny how you wrote it! sorry


U knw the first time i used it, it actually work but, I did not use aloe vera.. I used lemon juice rather than aloe vera... and i start to see some of the strech marks colour to fade out.. so yea :)
basically u need all it accept change aloe vera into half squish lemon juice into it :)..
hope it kinda make sense :P


This does work! Might Depend on the type of skin people have.I have strech marks that are very hard to see!

Who ever is posting this (and so many of these other absurd remedies) is a dick! There are NO quick fixes for stretch marks! And while there are many simple topicals that can offer some limited benefits over a long time (and usually as only part of a treatment, there is nothing, NOTHING! that you can simply wipe on and or rub in to make them disappear. These a**wipes that are telling you to rub f**king honey and cornflakes all over while hopping around on one foot, are nothing but trolls entertaining themselves with your pain. Some of these 'remedies' can actually damage you skin and worsen your condition.
To deal with these inter-muscular scars you need to first understand what they are and how they develop. You need to do RESEARCH! WebMD has a lot of good articles to get started. Just type in 'Stretch Marks' on the home page search bar and it will get you started. Make sure to read and cross read as many of the related articles as you can. THEN, you can take your search to the internet where you may be able to take advantage of real solutions Homeopathic and otherwise) that real people are using successfully and know better than to waste your time, money and health on non-existent 'quik' fixes.
If your condition is really bad, you may want to consult your Doctor and ask for a referral to a specialist.
BTW, I started looking into this when my 16yo Son, started developing stretch marks all over his body due to his rapid growth over the last year. Good Luck and God bless.


three days?! its this possible? could you go through the procedure more thhouroughly so i know im doing it right? the stretch marks are on my ass so its kind of and awk place to reach

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