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I'm 15 weigh 125 pnds am 5'3 my weight fluctuated over the yrs so I hve the worst stretch marks on my thighs there thick and gross so I made up a remedy

4 tble spoons extra virgin olive oil
4 tbs of aloe Vera
At first I didn't notice anything than I put it in the freezer so it wud hve more of a merchant texture not as sticky or messy I put it on before I went to bed I woke up and some had faded for complete gone do it once in the morning once at night and they shud fade and up to 6 days shud be gone

After 3 for me they were gone

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how much sugar?


Does this work on dark stretch marks/old ?


I used 1 tbs of sugar, mixed it well, them put it in my freezer for 20 minutes, took it out, gave it a little stir and applied it. Its quiet messy so I would suggest putting a towel under you ... I let it dry for 15 minutes and dabbed it off with a towel, it will be very sticky for the rest of the night (stick to you pants and hurt to take off, sticky) but I'm hoping that it'll work because I'm 13 and just went through a big growth-spurt and now have stretch marks on my butt! ): Anyways after I was done I put it in a smaller container with a lit and stuck it in my refrigerator. Hope this helps!


so i just made it and put it in a ziploc container..i hope this isnt a scam :(


Hey does anyone know if this really works?


So I tried this product for about a week and no results showed. I have really light stretchmarks on my tummy that you can't really see unless in certain light but nontheless i want them gone. This shit is pretty gross and i wouldnt waste my time on it.


I just tried this except i added vix vapour rub and a little bit of moisturiser for smell. I do not know if this will get rid of my stretch marks but my skin has never felt so nice after a shower. lol I will be using this to make my skin nice and soft and smooth anyway. Here is hoping it gets rid of my ugly stretch marks...


aye wats the sugar for and wat type is it


I am so mad right now! I just tried this and made a huge mess! Plus it didn't even work! It just made them worse! Whoever posted this, thanks a lot! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS! IT DOES NOT WORK!


are you serious??????
Please tell me this really works. I have done everything noting works.
please email me (

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