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Alright. I'm a fourteen year old girl at my beach house, where there's a skanky ol' pool that we can't resist swimming in, and the Atlantic ocean just a few steps away. I didn't feel like dragging someone out to the store to get some rubbing alcohol or whatever for me since there were none in this rental.

So... Duh. I got an ear infection.
Anyhow, anyone wonder why many of these remedies include rubbing alcohol and vinegar? Well, I just went to the doctor to get some real antibiotics for it and found out. First off: Yeah. This is what I recommend. Go to a doctor. But if not mix a solution of half rubbing alcohol and half vinegar and put a few drops periodically in your ear until the infection goes away. Obviously, the rubbing alcohol -being a depressant- kills germs. We all knew that. BUT what I bet some of us didn't know -Myself included- is that there is an acidic layer in our ear canal that prevents germs from bothering the eardrum. However, after someone does a lot of swimming this layer gets worn down and washed away. And their are still many species of germs that can survive the chlorine or salt in a swimming pool; so although obviously in a cleaner chlorinated pool you are less likely to get an infection than in a skanky one or in an ocean or lake. Although any amount of swimming still wears down the acidic layer in one's ear.

ANYHOW: Back on topic, the vinegar in itslef is a minor acid, so putting that in your ear helps restore the layer. The rubbing alcohol kills germs, although it may sting a bit. Mix these two together 1:1 and put a few drops in your ear each day. These will likely not immediately help the pain (For that, I recommend some of these steam or hot water things some people have said. Although the will not help the infection. And some sort of pain over the counter drug; Aleve, Advil, ect.)And Er.... Try and keep your head above water for the next week. Even swim team coaches make their members do something like this periodically to keep infection and swimmer's ear away. I really hope this helps, and tell me what you think!

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if you didn tmention you were 14, i think more people would trust you on this...but since youre barely a teenager, im pretty slow to using this advice, thanks though!


It's not the advice of a fourteen year old girl, my friend. It's a doctor that said this to me.


Really, what does it matter how old she is? Everything she said, you can check, it's all science facts and logic -_-


This remedy is actually recommended by doctors quite often and it can work very well, depending on the severity of the infection.


hey she sounds like a smart 14 year old, and im desperate. id trust that it couldnt hurt to try. vinegar works for everything any way right?


A little advice for next time...get to the point. You have good advice but leave out all the extra junk please.


The Advice is sound but not quite accurate. Rubbing alcohol is not a depressant. It can be abused as a depressant because its the same stuff in your hard liquor just several times more concentrated. Rubbing alcohol is actually a antiseptic used to kill germs in broad spectrum on open wounds. So it makes the ear canal in habitual for any kind of pathogens. Secondly there is a layer of protective wax that is in your ear... it is an acid but not like *sssszzzzz Burn burn burn* acid. its more of just a protective layer to coat the inside of the canal. Vinegar being a acid makes sense. But anti biotics shouldn't be used to treat minor infections unless they are beyond home treatment. Doing this causes pathogens to adapt to the new drugs administered and in the future will resist it all together so we have to spend more money on 'Juggernaut ear infections' Like if your ear is purple and bleeding see a doctor but if its minor use a home remedy. Take it from a Life Guard that has dealt with this several times.


Thank you. Your advice makes perfect matter your age. I was impressed in how well you presented yourself. Your presentation was much better than most people 2 and 3 times your age.


For 14, her writing (minus this and that) is not half bad..I'm impressed.


I think that age does not matter and agree that yes, you can check the advice she is giving. After all, you ARE on the internet. There are many reputable medical websites that you can cross check any facts with. I thank you for your advice hun, I currently have an ear infection and will DEFINITELY try this mixture.

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