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I have a REAL fix for toothache that uses nothing but a finger, strange but true, place your thumb tip off your right hand firmly into the piece of skin that is between your left thumb ad first finger and press untill you feel discomfort hold the position for several minutes, this works because what you are pressing is a pressure point that relives all sorts of pain, dont ask me for the technical reason as to why this works, I havnt got a clue but it DOES work.....what have you got to lose.....

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To the person that said squeeze between your thumb and pointer finger.....THANK YOU!! I just tried that on my boyfriend because his tooth and gum was killing him and he could barely talk or anything...I did that and it stopped almost instantly!! Now he is fast asleep..for how long I don't know! But thank you!!!


Thanks this worked instantly for me. :)


Wow Ive been in pain for 2 days and this accupuncture stress point worked!!! Thanks ill useit all the time.


I don't know if I do this wrong or what but this never works for me.


WORKED thanks!!
Although I have an infection but still worked to relieve me 90%.Instantly. But my bad when i dont press the pain comes back :|


thank you thank you thank you!! i have a tooth infection and my dentist wont remove it until iv had a week of antibiotics (shes worried if she takes it out now the infection may spread) ... this really works, didnt totally kill the pain for me but it relieves the majority of it... plus its free... drug free and no horrible side effects from it =)

Sue Aqeel

Thanks to the person who suggested pressing b/w left thumb & index finger, my excruciating toothache actually vanished within minutes.............. pressure points do work! God bless you:)

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