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I don't know if I have herpes, and I won't know until I see my doctor, and they couldn't get me in until the 29 of august. But, as from what I've read it sure does feel like it. I read about the crushing up Tylenol pm to numb it, and I was scared to try it bc I didn't know if it was safe to use such a thing down there, but I just applied it good amount about 5 minutes ago, and it stung just a little bit so I put some ice on it for a second, and now it just feels warm and soothed! Like I said I don't know I'd it's herpes or just a heat rash as I just jumped into to swimming since I'm training for a triathlon. And, I won't know until later this month, but I'm glad I have some relief of the pain that has been going on for about a week now, so hopefully I can make it subside until then. I have been engaged for a year now, and have been faithful, and last year I did not test positive for herpes bc when I called to set my appointment I asked, and the nurse told me no. So, either it wasn't in my system yet, or my fiancée was unfaithful to me. But he has never had an outbreak. I'm praying that when I go see my doctor the results come back negative and it was just a heat rash or chafing or a bacterial infection that got a little out of hand from all the itching as I thought it was just razor burn at first. But, it's been a week now, and none of the pain has stopped. It could be partially bc I am on my period, therefore I am unable to let it dry out, and it hurts too bad to put a tampon in, but with my new found remedy I could possibly start the use of them again and allow it to try out and heal. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for negative results, but if it come back positive I have already found a piece of mind here on this forum just by reading all your posts. Thank you so much, and keep me in your prayers an hope that I can keep this under control and not let it take control of my life.

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The pain going on for a week doesn't at all sound like the herpes I know. It's not even like that. I'd be a little more confident if I were you that it wasn't. It just doesn't sound the same.

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