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If anyone could answer this in comments, I'd really appreciate it.

I'm pretty sold on the Tylenol PM, however, it is only a topical treatment. Do any of you get internal sores? I do, and urinating is unbearable. The urine passes right over them and burns, everything becomes swollen, and I can't think of anything to soothe it. Maybe a douche?

The sores go pretty deep. I have type 1. I'm 16. My first outbreak was June 26th, today it's August 8th and I'm having a second outbreak. I'm due for my period soon and I dont want my outbreak to overlap with that. And I start my senior year in a week, ahah. Bad timing.

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My wife has type one dowbstairs take 3-4 bottles of 3% hydrogen peroixide. Run a bath soak for a half hour. While soaking find a way to reach the ones that are internal. Repeat this process until they are all gone. About 4 days Now when you are about to have a break out youu get the you know the itch do the first couple steps and it wil prevent or greatly reduce the breakout. To reach the internal ones try filling a turkey baster with the bath water to get the inside ones. Sounds wrong but sorry just thinking of a douche soaked with the water would work


Go to a clinic and maybe you can get medication. I was diagnosed in 2007 and have outbreaks all the time until I got valacyclovir hcl 1GM tablets daily and hasn't had an outbreak.


Thanks, I'll have to try the hydrogen peroxide douche, except I'll use epsom salt. It dries out my sores fine, I just need it internally. But I want to ask a doctor first.

Oh! Forgot to mention. I'm taking 1600mg of acyclovir. I started at my first sign of the outbreak. I don't tingle, but I do discharge the day before. I also upped my Lysine supplement from 1000mg to 2000.


if its downstairs you dont have type one it is type should see a doctor....acyclovair


I have use the Black Salve internally, and it worked just fine. The Black Salve I use have DMSO and zinc chloride for best results. I usually leave it on for 20 minutes and it dries up the sores by turning them off-white. I hope this information helps.


It will get better with time I promise! The next ones won't be so bad most likely. However if it burns to urinate...I know its gross but it will make it feel so much better. The dr recommended it to me..fill up the tub with warm water and pee in there. It won't burn. And try and take as many baths as possible, just leave out the bubbles! It will make a huge difference. And wear clothes that breathe.

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