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Several years ago, I had 4 toenails infected with nail fungus- the large toenail (infected 12+ years), the second smallest (infected 15+ year), the middle toe (infected 3 years), and the baby toe (infected less than one year).

The big toenail and the second smallest were VERY thick- like almost 1/4' thick and yellow/crusty. Really nasty.

After doing a lot of research, I came upon the remedy that made the most logical sense to me:

1-2 drops of white vinegar at the base of each nail twice per day

Here is the reasoning for this remedy:

1. Excess moisture is what fungus grows in, so doing extended soaking of the nails is NOT going to help, its going to make it worse. Applying 2 drops twice a day does not create excess moisture around the nail bed.

2. Fresh, healthy nail cells grow out from the base. So the substance needs to just soak in at the very base as these new cells are formed. Clip off the infected nail as it grows out.

3. Vinegar- safe substance, does not harm the body in any way. Cheap. Clear, does not stain, is not greasy.

4. Toenail fungus can only go away as fast as your new nails grow in. So be patient!!!

Two of my small nails have completely cleared due to this process described above.

My two very thick nails, which were infected for more than a decade each, have gradually thinned down. The large toenail started growing in thinner and thinner until one day, the 1/4' thick piece just peeled off completely. The base of that nail is clear and pink. Since my toenails grow in very slowly, I would say that by next summer, I will have a totally clear, healthy big toe nail.

The second smallest is still thick, but the base is clear and pink. That nail was infected for over 15 years, so I think that its just taking longer for it grow out completely clear.

Anyway, just thought I would share. I am very happy with the results and the ease of this treatment. I apply my two drops AM and PM when I brush my teeth.

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Thank you SO MUCH Lisa for your insights and for the follow up.
It's a real encouragement and give lot of hope to people who suffer from this.
I started your treatment just about a month ago and my toes are getting a bit better as I proceed with it.
Thank you so much !!!

Susie Q (California)

Thanks Lisa for that easy to do toe nail clean up process....Im a simple girl and i want big results with simple and yet easy process. When i think back on my big toe nail (left foot) i guess i can ive had my issue since the last 90's from the previous nail shop i used to go too....i used fungus drops no deal....but this vinergar deal i will ahve to try... i went to get a pedicure on friday, to have my acrylics removed from my toes after hitting my big toe (fungal one) months prior, as she was removing the acrylic so did the thick nail too, i was floored, my nail is thin, and growing and now with this i will be doing the vinegar, thanks for sharing....

Susie Q (California)

i just saw your results good for you!! sorry for the type o's, typing fast and not checking my spelling.... but i ment to say on the last posting, late 90's when i saw the change in my toe nail...

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