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I worked for the Dept of Health for years. People were always calling for help with chiggers and chigger bites. Unfortunately, there is no single cure. Most of the time it comes down to home remedies. I've read a lot of these posts, and so many of the suggested cures seem to have one particular thing in common that IS known to help: ingredients used as drying agents. Whether it's a liquid like Listerine; a powder like Gold Bond or even concrete; any kind of salt; pure soaps; Benadryl or hydrocortisone cream or gel.....all of them are used as drying agents. They will draw out and absorb the fluids that cause the itching.
As for the usefulness of 'shields' like nail polish and liquid band-aids: they don't absorb or heal, but they do block the wound from being exposed to air, so this may stop the itching for a while; however, you don't want to leave it on for very long. Remember, air is another drying agent and will help the bite heal. If you do want to use a shield-type cure, better to use a regular Band-aid: it will block some of the air, but it also has the cotton pad, which will help absorb the fluids. All wounds need to 'breathe' in order to heal.
Nothing will completely and permanently stop the itching, but none of these cures (when used with care) will cause any harm either. Just try not to scratch, as that can cause an infection. Then you'll have more problems than just some very annoying bug bites.

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If I used band-aids on my chigger bites, there would be no skin exposed at all. I counted 172 chigger bites last night.

Lori Martin

Seriously, I think yours was the most intelligent and smartest of all of the comments. I did some research and found out exactly what you said. The chiggers don't actually burrow in the skin, they put something on you that makes your skin easier to eat which irritates and itches. It seems to me that a lot of times the chiggers aren't actually on the skin when people are trying to 'smother' them, what they're feeling is actually the skin's irritation to what the chigger put on you. The drying agents seem to make sense. I've noticed that with my daughter's bites that putting something like alchohol and I've even tried bleach, works for a bit, but alas are drying agents. Also anti itch creams or calamine seem to sooth her skin and help, but only temporarily. I really wish people would just go straight to your comment first.

Gwockamolee Inmyychoos

Chiggers really hate white honky type people and love to put a cap in their cracker itchy ankholes. I find that smashing a few small Mexicans and rubbing them on the bits helps a lot, Mexicans contain a lot of cocaine which helps numb the bites and then the smell of Cumin and the hot pepper juice that makes up their blood kills the chiggers. Or you can crush a few Asians and rub them on the bites, Asians are full of heroin and meth which helps to kill the chiggers or any Chinese Africans on the lawn.

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