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Nadia Pengpaitoon

In recent days I've had a sore tooth. So i have taken about 13 ibuprofens a day and that went well for two days till yesterday. Suddenly out of no where i had major toothache! Was even more intense than the toothaches I've had due to needing root canals. I took 6 ibuprofens before bed thinking i would be alright.... but alas no! For 3 hours i struggled tossing and turning, biting my own finger so the pain could be diverted, crying in pain till i just wanted to kill myself (i know it sounds dramatic but the pain was UNBEARABLE!) and at 3am i had no idea where to go besides ER (but i don't have enough to cover a trip there so that was out of the question)

I found this website thankfully and using the remedies i found a solution to limiting the pain (YES IT IS STILL THERE) but it's to the level of a normal filling getting done at the dentist without the numbing needle. I'm 22 and iv'e had over 30 fillings and the sad thing is i wish i was kidding, but yea for those who have SEVERE toothaches and you don't have the money to go out to the dentist then this is the solution for you!

1-I was popping ibuprofen like mint freshners, to give you a better idea of how much i was having it was close to 2 boxes of the stuff in a 3 hour period, this did NOTHING for me.

2-Next i tried ice and still nothing, except irritating my skin even with a little cloth rapped around my bag of peas.

3-Advil 4 at one time, i felt slightly better which even though wasn't much of an effect it took a bit of the edge off the pain. THANK GOODNESS SOMETHING WORKED

4-Amoxicillin took about 3 i think at one time it's an anti bacterial so hope it's doing something... Didn't feel much difference.

5-This i think was one of the best solutions that i tried. Vanilla essence and peppermint essence (don't get the imitation) you need the alcohol in it. You need cotton balls too, dipp the q-tips in the bottle then lightly dab the tooth and area until you feel the tip get warm then use the other end, use multiple q-tips or just the one if you want. Repeat the processes about 3-6 times pain should be dulled and you should be able to sleep if done in the right way. If you decide not to sleep then repeat the method every 20 mins till you sleep or go to the doctor to keep pain at a minimum but also take advil as well.


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