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I have an abscessed tooth and everything I have read on here hardly did nothing for me..Suffering for almost 3 days, popping 7 Advils every 3 hours, ice pak, even had good antibiotics I was taking every 4 hours, NO relief! I'm built like a bull so I have a high tolerance for pain meds..GO TO THE ER!!!! If you are in severe pain and suffering, there is no reason to continue..It's not gonna magically go away..If you can jump around and try all these remedies, you have the strength to get your butt to a Hospital. Hello?? They're open 24/7 AND you WILL be treated even if you don't have insurance coverage, ITS THE LAW!!
I couldn't stand the pressure and pain anymore and I had enough! Just got back from ER hours ago and feeling so much relief!! Got 2 shots of antibiotics and a Dental Block shot in my mouth which totally numbs your tooth for hours!! I was also given pain meds while there. If you don't have a prescription plan, ask for Generic brand when DR is writing you a script. Use a prescription RX card you can get for free online, look it up, they are called RX Savings cards..
Don't mess with your Health! You can seriously damage your heart or brain from the puss and bacteria, it can travel!
And get your butt to a Dentist!! Suck up your pride if you are embarrassed, trust me they've seen the worst! No Ins.,they will work with you!! Remember, it won't ever go away unless treated professionally..Nothing is worth days of pain without proper treatment!

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You are so right! I have had really bad teeth since I was ten. Stopped going to a dentist when I was twenty. In the past two years I have more aches and abcesses than I want to think about. I have been in extreme extreme pain the last three days. This is the worst pain I have ever had. I have had a bottle of tylenol and ibropfen in that time. Not helping. Tried nutmeg too. Nothing. Going to er tonight. Thanks for the tip about free rx cards. Just what I needed to hear about.

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