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Toothpaste only makes it worse! Don't do it, just use witch hazel and dove soap. The products out there just dry your face out. Also for a moisturizer use Burt's Bees Milk and Honey. Wash your face twice a day.. If you're the kind of person that picks at their face, right after use the witch hazel.

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Dove soap does not work. FOR ANYBODY! My stepmother has dry skin, My brother has combination skin, and i have oily skin and all of us tried the dove soap technique everyone loves to say works and it does not. All of our skin got worse, and no we are not allergic. So its not just one type of skin it doesnt work on its all of them.


They have different kinds of Dove soap... so maybe you should try something else...too bad-- sorry for your pimple dilemma


Toothpaste works for me to bring down the swelling and reduce the redness.


well my friend uses dove soap and he hasn't had them for months!


toothpaste neither hurts or helps

Hugh Jass

I used toothpaste and in the morning i used the regular pimple cream and moisturiser after two days I had no pimples whatsoever.

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