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Pati from Arkansas

I tried the baking soda, salt and borax combination (1cup ea) for each carpeted room, left for several days, vaccuumed and re-applied. Bathed each of my 9 cats! Washed all bedding, mine and theirs. That's where I am now, I am sure I'll have to do it all over again, I was just burdened with fleas - but have controlled it so far.
Unforturnately, its a never ending task. If you love your pets. . . .
Thanks all for your tips.

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a better cure would be NOT HAVING 9 CATS get a life


I had heard that Borax was poision to our pets, also heard garlic was not good for dogs. Don't know for sure.


wow Joe your an ass! How about you get a life instead of making fun of others! I thought this was a great alternative solution and you are a very dedicated loving pet owner


Flea prevention will work wonders once you have your home rid of them.
As far as having so many cats!
Bless Your Heart. :)
I foster cats therefore, I have had this issue in the past.


Joe appears to be an incompassionate guy. Millions of cats are killed because there are not enough homes for them . . .everyone should spay and neuter their cats, but many do not so those of us who love animals rescue and give good loving homes to cats.
Get a life yourself, Joe, and go do some good in the world and help some living thing, animal or human, rather than being a negative guy.


Maybe Joe should get NEUTER Joe! We cat lovers don't need a bunch of negitive little Joe's on the loose!


you negative people NEED A LIFE!


I was told by a pest control person that Borax is dangerous for young children--just a heads up. I have also been told that garlic is poisonous to cats and dogs. I have tried the salt on my carpets with absolutely no luck. I have also tried lemon juice and a flea comb for my cats, still no luck. Lavendar is next....Hopefully, I can find a good home remedy to help my cats!! Kudos to you for caring for so many animals, it takes a kind heart to do that.

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