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Melissa and Chris

As i sit here dying from posion ivy and read many of these remedies most of which i have tried first of all bleach and clorox dyes the skin! I am alergic to almost everything mostly bee stings and pi and i know this sounds gross but the thing that has worked for me the best is tobacco! Take the tobacco from a ciggarette and wet it then put it on open blisters then place banages over it! Change application every 4 hours and by morning the tobacco has dried the ivy up! I am using this remedy as i write. And one more thing it burns like h***! But it works! I have suffered since i was a kid from pi all my life and this is the third time this summer but my boyfriend cure seems to work the best so far! Good luck to every one reading this! I know you need it!

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I have used chewing tobacco on bites before and it does work, I use bleach cleaners on my pioson ivy and it also works.

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