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Abreva, for cold sores and fever blisters worked wonderfully. Brought it out, dried it up. It just takes a little bit.

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I just tried Abreva on a recurring boil 3 days ago, it has already burst and is draining. I put it on one that was just getting started and it dried it up to a small red mark. I suspect by tomorrow it will be gone. Keep large bandages for the larger ones and make sure it breathes. Antibacterial soap usually works well for me, I notice that when I run out, I have more recurring ones. Abreva works!


Hello I just seen ur post about the abreva on ur boil did it burn or hurt when u put it on their


I used for my son in his second boil in less than two months; the first night I noticed, I aply the abreva because I remembered give a little numb and help with pain. I was planning to take him to a new dr. In the morning because the first dr. Don’t do much whit the first boild. We were surprised to see how much the boil shrank

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