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a beefy semi frozen steak is still the best remody. the vitamins in the meat help. or pack ice in a plastic bag keep area covered for at least 1hr and the black eye never materializes. depending on severity of the injury may require as long as 2 days for swelling or fractures of the face. but garanteed no black eye if ya catch it within a 1/2 hour of injury and you keep the area well below body tempature long eanough.

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You seriously need to work on your spelling bc not many people are stupid enough to misspell on a home remedies web site... so you not getting votes from me!


Hey Michelle, people don’t come to a home remedies web site to learn how to spell. Maybe you should start a webpage for nitpickers… Thanks for the remedy Chris.

willie wonka.

its the coffee, stupid. who kares if he kant spel?


Putting a steak on your eye does absolutely nothing at all for a bruise. old wives tale that isn't true.


I read that a steak might work, but you have to be careful of bacteria in the meat. A frozen can of soup worked the best for me, when I had a painful black eye. It's the same idea as what boxers use between rounds to keep eye swelling down.


From experience i used a pieace of steak within a 1/2 hour for a black eye and it worked and applied that for a few hours. The following day there was no sign of a black eye only some puffiness.

Shelley From NC

Thanks for the advice! And for the spelling teacher....if you were trying to be funny, I think you may have figured out by now you only looked like a horses ass :)

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