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My name is Sarah, i'm twenty one. I ended up getting Eczema on my elbows, I spent an hour on this website, and finally found a solution to my problem.. Honestly, I went to grocery store and bought Apple Cider Vinegar, Probiotic Yogurt(called Activia),KOYA Aloe sugar free with Real Aloe Vera Pieces, non-scented dove soap, and a brick of Crisco all-vegatable shortening. When I got home I poured the Apple Cider Vinegar into a bowl, dipped one elbow in and let it soak for five minutes, then my other elbow. They both stung for about ten minutes, then the Apple Cider Vinegar dried up. Then i waited for an hour and rubbed Crisco oil on my elbows. Then directly after that I ate two yogurts and drank my Aloe sugar free(1.5 litre, which i finished the same day I bought it). Couple hours later, used the Apple Cider Vinegar and Crisco oil and ate two more yogurts. After I came home from work that night, I repeated the Apple Cider Vinegar and Crisco Oil before I went to bed but didn't eat no yogurt. The very next day, my Eczema felt much better and was starting to dissapear right way!! I did the Apple Cider Vinegar and Criso Oil twice and ate one more yogurt and then jus left my elbows alone, didn't stress over it.. The next day , it was almost gone, can barely see it, it disappeared!. Wow I was so happy lol Thank god for this website! I was going to go to the doctor and get the prescripted medication for it but I didnt have no health card... Honestly, I work at a strip club, I depend on my looks to make me money, thank god This website exist... Apple Cider Vinegar is actually really good stuff, look it up on google, really!

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hahahha and you know whats funny, one of the remedies on this website, well there's a link that leads to a book you can purchase(how to cure eczema)... I emailed this guy about his book and told him about how i figured out my solution, and the guy tried saying Apple Cider Vinegar, Yogurt, Crisco Oil, Aloe Vera drink, and non-scented Soap was, word for word..'Bad Stuff' LOL Can you believe that! I had just told him that I got rid of eczema and this guy was still trying to push his book on me, tryin to get my money like wow!


This sounds good, and I want to try it with my younger siblings, but does it go away and stay away or is it a temporary thing?


I 'm so glad you are having some relief Please let us know if this cures your eczema.. all of us who have it know the suffering we all endure..
I have only had it about 8 months..the doctor gave me a cream to use helped buts not making it go away so I am searching for answers.
Now yesterday after reading all the posts on here I ate some plain-no sugar- Greek yogurt -then applied some of it to my eczema and it was ''very'' cool and soothing and is helping .. but decided to experiment on all my areas with different things to see which one works the best...
*on my left hand I'm trying the honey -and it now looks less red and feels much better.
*on my right hand I'm trying some Vagicaine cream-from Target and it is very good so far, soreness gone and redness too.
Vagicaine has Benzocaine 20% and Resorcinol 2% -
I looked this one up
Resorcinol -says it helps many things and eczema was included.
However I might buy a another really good yeast /fungal Vaginal cream called ''Miconazole Nitrate''--this is an excellent product works wonders on many fungal problems like yeast infections/itch-and athlete feet -ringworm and jock itch..
Easy to buy on the web or stores and is inexpensive $3-10 dollars a tube.
*on my foot I have continued to try the plain Greek yogurt and that is equally successful..
SO all I can say is I am going to keep up my testing and will be back on here to report my results..(:)
I agree with some on here that it is a systemic thing and sugars/carbs and acid 'y foods(tomatoes,citrus fruits) are a real problem 'for some of us' and eating :
Plain yogurt.. plus taking Acidophilus pills(same thing that is in yogurt)
..1 a day -
may be some of our answers to rid ourselves of this awful condition..
Eczema is a fungal problem I think..??
seems like it since if itched it can spread~
good luck ~patty


Well its me Sarah who wrote the original post and my solution worked for mee.. It hasnt came back at all!

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