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Try gently pulling your hair around the area where your head is hurting. This sounds ridiculous, but it is a trick that I learned from my masseuse and it seemed to help me.

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Wow, I had a small headache and tried this and it actually worked almost instantly! I figured the pulling of the hair would make it worse, but it didn't. Thanks!


Thanks it worked instantly. Now I can get some sleep


Same as the others, Worked great!! It seems the most least expensive solutions seem to work the best. God bless you for the post/ knowledge.

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i tried this and the headache instantly shifted to another area of my head. trying it there now.. it seems to be working. thanks :)


Wow, yes it worked. Not totally gone but it's not excruciating pain anymore. Gave it some relief, I'm going to try it again in a few minutes. Thank you for your post, it actually did work a little bit!


what about people who are bald


I give u a 100 if i could thank you sooo much iv tried everything nd nothing ever worked but once i saw urs nd tryed it it worked like a charm omg thank you so very much :D


Wow it really works


I'm so glad it helped some of y'all! :)


OMG this actually worked. thanks

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