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For nine months, I have had eczema on my hands. My hands hurt, crack and itch so bad. So embarrassing! I went away this past weekend to the beach and realized after 3 days my hands were healing. I came home from beach and the next day they flared up again. I decided to drive back to the beach and get a gallon of the water and rubbed some on my hands last night before bed and this morning before leaving for work. My hands look so much better and not one crack or itch today. I have been staying away from creams, harsh soaps (buy castile soap) and lotions. PLUS, I stopped drinking tap water and started drinking bottled and Kangen water to help with the healing. Just wanted to pass this information forward hoping it will help someone else from this terrible condition...not convinced it's a disease. To sum it all up: Ocean water for eczema and clean water to drink; no tap, and wash hands with castile soap.

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tap water, in fact, is MORE regulated and often has less chemicals in it than bottled water. i agree with all else you've suggested except drinking bottled water.


I have been suffering with eczema pretty much my entire life (I'm now 42 yrs old). I've found that the only natural cure for to clear my entire body of eczema comes from swimming / wading in the warm ocean water. It always completely heals up! Sadly, I dont live near the Caribbean waters, so I only get completely healed skin once a year! If there was some was to simulate that water here (in Canada), I would be cured!

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