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My teenage daughter suffered with back acne for years. We tried all the over-the-counter remedies but nothing worked. A cosmetologist recommended that she use 'DAWN dishwashing liquid' on her back every day in the shower. I don't know what the ingredient in DAWN did the trick - but she has not suffered from back acne since she started using it about 5 years ago.

Now she always has a bottle of DAWN in the shower!

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Try to by Dawn dishwashing liquid from Amazon. com These are for the people who live out of the US

Bonnie Swayngim

If anyone still needs to know how to by dawn dish washing liquid, go to also you can Google it in a search bar or go to of you need more hints for attaining dawn soap.



Does it matter which type of Dawn? Or which scent/color one do you find that works best?


Does it take away the scars from the acne?


My boyfriend suffer so much of this bacne problem
everynight i used my facial cleanser to take this away from his back
now i read your post.can i asked if theres an area
Here in philippines for that dawn dishwashing liquid?


I also use Dawn! It helped so much. I occasionally still use other things additionally when a little comes back, but for the most part this has kept my back, shoulders, and chest clear for over a year now!


Can anyone tell me where you can buy this Dawn product in Cape Town South Africa

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