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My home remedy for Food Poisoning truly is all Natural but is certainly not for everybody! Finding myself in the midst of yet another graphic encounter with food poisoning, I suddenly realised that I was indeed running low of anti-nausea/vomiting ideas. From tums to antacids, heck I even tried acetic acids but, the only thing they seemed to have generated were more trips to the restroom. I then remembered not too long ago hearing a cancer survivor talking about how the only thing that had eased the pain of Chemotherapy was Marijuana. I thought there was no way it could be that simple, but sure enough literally seconds after takin a hit immediate relief. I didnt, nor am I suggesting smokin a fatty and gettin lit off your ass! Just a small hit, two at most and besides feeling great; no more throwin up, stomach ache its like it never happened at all!

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I just tried it, maaan do i feel better :) was finally able to eat.


Yes all better


Good to know, I hate to waste food and tend to eat things in the fridge 'on the edge' of their expiration date. No wonder we never got sick back in the 70's!

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