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My home remedy for Food Poisoning truly is all Natural but is certainly not for everybody! Finding myself in the midst of yet another graphic encounter with food poisoning, I suddenly realised that I was indeed running low of anti-nausea/vomiting ideas. From tums to antacids, heck I even tried acetic acids but, the only thing they seemed to have generated were more trips to the restroom. I then remembered not too long ago hearing a cancer survivor talking about how the only thing that had eased the pain of Chemotherapy was Marijuana. I thought there was no way it could be that simple, but sure enough literally seconds after takin a hit immediate relief. I didnt, nor am I suggesting smokin a fatty and gettin lit off your ass! Just a small hit, two at most and besides feeling great; no more throwin up, stomach ache its like it never happened at all!

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did the food poison completely dissappear or did it reoccur the next day.


Definitely try another approach! I think this is RISKY, since my child has been addicted to this substance for 8 years-Not worth it :/


As well as being an addictive plant/herb it is also highly medicinal for a wide range of ailments

El diablo

Marijuana is not addictive. THC builds up on fat cells in your system and the drug is in your body for a period of time. When you stop using the active drug slowly weens itself off. Not addictive and no long term affect. Short term memory loss and unmotivation is basically it. Happy, hungry, sleepy.


I think you're forgetting that people react very differently to weed. It can trigger paranoia and mental health problems including phycosis. I smoked it for years and then had to stop because I developed panic attacks and extreme paranoia. I,m not saying don't smoke it, just be aware of the possible side effects. It annoys me when people have the ' yeah man, everyone should smoke weed' attitude. It's irresponsible.


I myself am not a marijuana smoker. I have used it in my younger years and on occasion for migraines. And by occasion I mean after like 2-3 days of nothing else working maybe twice a year. I do have someone that uses it regularly. Initially it was recreational but now is beneficiary to them. Unlike other DRUGS, marijuana is natural herb. I have been addicted and I do not have any issues to this. It is good if used properly and not abused but that is said for anything from food, to alcohol, to drugs. People please be educated and be open-minded. thank you


I agree pot is not addictive. When my uncle had cancer he would smoke for nausea and I don't take any pills for medication just weed. Aloof of people have negative views but do you see anybody dying like all these celebrities dying from prescription drugs.


thank you for the does really of many medicinal uses for the marijuana grow up you prudes


Thank you for your post. This is like all other products out there. You could have a negative reaction anytime. My friend tried this route and found out she is allergic to the plant. She spent two days in the hospital. This tip is not for everyone. Also be aware if smoking this item there might be others around that are allergic to it. The residue on your hands, clothing, etc could send someone to the hospital.


It works!

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