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After being up for 46 hours straight, I litterly was about to get pliers and rip my own tooth out. I was drinking ice water the entire time. It was the only thing stopping the pain. I was taking 4 advil every 4 hours and it was doing nothing. Ice water was the only way I could even get any relief. However, there was noway to sleep, because I had to constantly sip the ice water. I found this site and tried pretty much everything suggested with no response to the pain. Finally I took 2 excedrine migrane and held a qtip soaked in vodka on my tooth. The pain is not completely gone, but it is at a tolerance level that I can finally sleep!

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If this is happening during the night,and you can't sleep, try Advil P.M......It helps knock me out. I'm up now, so I'll take some more. I have a severere abcess in a broken tooth that is to be pulled. I'm in excruciating pain!

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