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So it 1:45 am and my teeth have been bothering me on and off for the last few months. After eating some candy one of my fillings fell out and I haven't really had the time or money to get it fixed. Now the hole in my tooth has gotten rather large through the years and all the terrible dentist I have seen haven't helped mind you Im only 22. So thanks to google I stumbled across this site and to my delight I saw a lot of remedies with things I have right in my house. My teeth are sensitive to any extreme temperatures wether hot or cold so that cut out some of my options but I did try the vanilla extract which helped a little and so did the sensodyne tooth paste . But my problem is that I believe the nerves may be exposed which is difficult to reach with the finally I tried some vodka and it worked like a charm, I just kind of swished it around an suddenly the pain got very dull then it was gone!!!

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That's why Russians never have teethache!


does it kill the exposed nerve, or does it just make the pain go away cause your drunk?


Ok I wish I had vodka but I don't @ the moment so ur post gave me the idea to gargled w/listeren & it took the pain frm a 10 to maybe a 3.


Cool,you think 151 would work?


gettin drunk at 1:45 after waking up lol nice..


30 mins. ago i gave 1 shot of brandy to my 17 year old son. magically he was able to sleep. toothache was gone

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