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COLD TEA BAGS! if you dip a tea bag into cold water and then dab it onto the burt skin this should reduce the redness and the cold water will soothe the pain . i hope this helps .

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I tried this and it worked! I was working outside most of the day and the sun was pretty intense! Thanks so much!!!


I tried this and it did work! Pretty well i might add. I just used it and the pain is gone . I'll see how the redness goes. Lol.


i went to Galveston and got burned but not too bad. im trying this remedy at this moment and im not exactly sure on how long the tea bags are suppose to soak in the water?


This is amazing! My friend burnt her shoulder so bad she couldnt move her arm or go to sleep so at 12:45 we decided to try this and it helped after she was able to move her arm and was much mote comfotable! I recomend this to anyone who has a bad sun burn.

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