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Razor burn is a medical condition in which the razor leaves tiny microscopic cuts on the area, that get infected. A painless way to get rid of the infection quicker, is to soak the affected area in a wark bathtub saturated with epsom salts, available at any walmart or rite aid. It draws out the infection. It will not cause you any pain. Try doing so for 20 minutes each treatment, till it goes away. Thanks. Hope I helped!

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What on earth are you talking about- Inflammation through irritation and inflammation from infection are completely different things. Also, Infections can't be 'drawn out' you either create an environment in which if it is bacterial or fungal, it cannot live, or you immune system takes care of it. what your remedy probably does is soothe the skin, but as for actually combatting a fake analysis... nope. Repeating until it has gone = wait until your body heals itself..


I think this makes a lot of sense. Epsom salts have many health benefits. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is actually supposed to draw out impurities when used in a bath; it triggers a process called reverse osmosis. Salt releases from your skin in to the salty water, taking toxins with it. Epsom salts have a million uses, I have not yet tried this as a remedy for razor burn, but I will. It's a great idea.

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