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ok so im totally trying to lose weight i would wrap myself really tightly in plastic wrap and run a mile than i wouldnt eat any sugar and drink tea with no sugar (it might taste bad the first couple of time butt it gets better)then i drink LOTS OF WATER with apple cider vinegar (2 tsp. to every cup) i know it taastes really gross but i lost 9 pounds the first week i did this hope it helps

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You weaker your while body then ran?


You have no brains. Why would anybody in this world be prat enough to choke their bodies and force them to run a mile? I have a better solution than THAT.


I dont get it, what does the plastic wrap do?


the plastic wrap makes you sweat more, duh.


i like that very good. im proud of you .im so sad icant lose weight itried so hard just seems like my body is at a stand 63yr i dont eat but one time aday an i dont over eat but i love pepsi i drink one a day sweets 2times a week.ok guys be sweet until later


wat did you eat


sala kuta son.... by the way who wraps them slefs in plastic and run a mile... SO DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Someone told me that wrapping in plastic causes body to sweat, which does help lose weight.


Def. Works..nd ur suppose to wrap ur stomach, in platic or what ever u want to loose..then run...a mile isnt necesary but it helps u sweat more in little works as well as those.products that are being promoted to wrap your.self in except platic is cheeper nd convinient


ok well yes you do lose weight. anytime you exercise its good for you, but the weight that you see coming off when you wrap your body in plastic is water weight! and guess what if you drink water again the water weight will come right back. if you dont drink water then you risk the chance of becoming dehydrated! so yes essentially you lose wait, but its just temporary!
exercise and dieting are the key, not wrapping yourself in plastic.

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