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So about 2 months after moving into a new loft apartment with a stand up shower with a weird rough bottom that's hard to clean I noticed I had developed a Plantar's wart on my big toe. This freaked me out, having a little black living thing in my foot wasn't something I was going to be ok with. I have Multiple Chemical Intolerance, and can't use commercial chemical products, or even go to the doctors office due to the likely hood of exposures to air born chemicals. So my options are seriously limited for what I can do about a Plantars wart. I put a bandaid over it to at least stop it from spreading, the next day I looked at it and it had more than doubled in size. So I decided to intervene. I took a sewing needle and heated it until it was glowing and gently stuck it in the center of the wart. When I did the black root was ejected from my toe. I repeated it until I felt that it had been totally destroyed, pretty much cauterized, over all maybe 4 or 5 times. I then cleaned it with Sole, which is a 100% saturated water and Himalayan Crystal Salt mixture. I then heated a bees wax candle and using my finger tip applied hot wax over top of the wound in layers until the heat penetrated. I then waited a little while before removing the wax and when I did I believe the remaining root was captured in it. I then cleaned it again and put on a bandage, repeating the cleaning for another week until the scab came off and my healed toe was underneath. I now have another one on my other foot between the heal and the ball, in a much more sensitive area and have done the same thing. I now await the healing to see if it was fully successful the second time. After reading the stories on here of people having them for years and lots of them, wow I can't imagine what that would be like and don't want to. I'm so glad that first one was gone within a couple of week of showing up. And this one I hope is done and now my foot is just healing. But it will be a few more days before it's obvious.

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