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no joke urinate in the shower and swish your feet in it whenever you shower wash as usual your feet will never stink again. the clorine in your urine kills the bacteria on contact.

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Lisa G

There is no chlorine in urine! Maybe you're thinking about ammonia, which is formed from the urea and gives urine its distinct odor.


This is a treatment for athelet's foot, and it works!


As disgusting as it is Urine is very useful to your skin not only does it help with things like foot oder and athelets foot it's also a tissue softener. (Disgusting I know)


I have heard of this from a past bf... he told me that he would pee onto his feet in the shower to cure his athletes foot! Haha I know... so filthy nasty dirty! Does it work? Ha you can you try it for yourself... weird!


do you rinse it off i dont wana be smelling like pissy wissy piss feet

Research Scientist

OMG... yes you rinse it off.

And no, there is no chlorine in urine. Ammonia compounds, yes. Chlorine, no.

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