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I recently got chigger bites(started feeling them yesterday, in fact), and being a Yankee transplant in the Southeast, I automatically assumed poison ivy or poison oak as that was the only thing I thought it would be. So I tried the usual remedies I've used for that, like Cortisone gel, Dawn soap, etc. And nothing worked. I was still itching like the devil all night last night and all day today. While talking with some co-workers about my recent hiking/camping trip, and how I had 'gotten poison ivy', somebody said 'where'd you get it?' And I said 'on my ankles, oddly enough, under my socks'. They asked me to show them, and then three people proceeded to tell me that I have chigger bites, and not poison ivy. So I looked up remedies for chigger bites, and asked friends on Facebook. I decided to try two different remedies at once since I had bites on both ankles/feet. On one leg, I applied Chiggerex, and on the other leg, Cool Mint Listerine. To my surprise, both remedies are working equally well. I have applied both remedies this evening, and they have both lasted for the same amount of time, approximately four or more hours. Since applying both the chiggerex and listerine, I've had to reapply once after about four hours. Since then, I'm doing just fine.

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Take a bath in clorox then shower. You don't have have to stay in the clorox long just rinse off. Make sure you hit the creases, waist, under arms and ankles. Kill them before the have time to bite. Better than picking the off with a needle.

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