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If your having serious pain like I did all you need is to put some ice on it. Hope it helps :)

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i have a tooth that is dying due to clenching. i took a bunch of ibuprophen which didn't end the terrible pain. i think i let the pain get ahead of the medication. i read this remedy and sucked on an ice cube. i got immediate relief. thank you.

smarter than-u

worst idea ever


I'm not sure what the original post was suggesting so being someone with several years of horrific toothaches, just reading the words about ice made me cringe that someone would possibly misunderstand and place ice one their bad tooth however the first comment talks about sucking on ice and seemed pleased with the result. Still makes me cringe, lol. Because of the second comment I feel like maybe I should add a little detail to this remedy and hopefully it may help someone someday.
I used ice religously when I endured some intense toothaches. I used the soft gel packs or I would use a bag of frozen peas or corn. Anything that I could lay against my face and it would kinda be formfitting so it was touching as large of an area as possible. I would always take a couple ibuprophen together with a couple excederin and then lay the icepack/bag of frozen veggies,lol, on what ever side of my face the pain was. Now the reason for each thing was that as long as the medications I listed are something you can take normally than it is fine to combine them if you ever needed to. Ibuprophen (exam- advil, Morton, extra) is a anti-imflamatory and excederin contains three different ingredients. The main is acetametphin which is what tylenol is for anyone who may not know. Acetametiphen is a pain releiver. The second ingredient is asprin and in all honesty I'm not sure what asprin is considered so I always just looked at it like just another warrior I was sending in to battle with my antimflamatory and pain killer. For anyone allergic to asprin they do make excederin that is asprin free. The last ingrediant in the excederin is caffeine. I believe the caffeine is used as a catalyst wich is to help speed up the amount of time for the med to start working. The purpose of the ice is for numbing as much of the pain as possible as quickly as possible to hopefully keep things bearable till the medication had a chance to do its thing. Now to wrap this up, lol, there is one thing that so many pellet don't know and it is probably the most important thing to remember thru a tooth ache ... NEVER LAY DOWN!!!! You want you head to be elevated above your body as much as possible. If you must lay than use what ever you can to do it on an incline. A significant one. I'm no doctor so I don't know really how to tell you the medical detailed reason why that will honestly be what could make or break your success. I do know its about the blood flow to the area that's causeing the pain.

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