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Had an old filling since I was a teenager. 16 yrs I go to this new Dental Office for a cleaning. Dentist suggested I should replace my old filling. I asked how much is my co-pay dentist said nothing it's 100% covered. So let him replace it. 1-2 days pass hurt like a **MOFO** thought to my self it's prob just my tooth adjusting. 1 week later.... PAIN... PAIN when I bite, pain with cold and hot. Closing and opening my mouth, shooting pain! NO sign of infection. Went back to my Dentist all he's doing is shaving my tooth saying that my bite is off!!!! Took Ibroprofen 800mg. Helped me out for 2 weeks, just one day it just hurts and hurts and UNBELIEVABLY HURT!!!!! I was popping Ibroprofen like crazy, hurts at night! Tried gargling COLD water since I rather take the shock pain than the pain I was in. Gives me a short relief, also I think it made the nerves really cold as if my brain is focusing on that pain to transmit rather than transmitting the actual pain. I looked in my medicine cabinet I see Diclofenac, a medication that was prescribe to me when I fell my bum on the stairs while back also prescribe to people with Arthritis pain. Bet ya that worked for me and waiting on MONDAY so I can get this tooth pulled out!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT! Good Luck guys!

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Aww damm. I'm getting mine remOved too. I feel the pain you feel or felt but I used sensodine to brush the area and hurt at first then mouthwash , a couple of nurofen pills, garlic juice around the tooth and I'm laying in front of the heater. So much better to sleep :))


If the dentist packed too much filling material in when he replaced it, that would explain the pain. Your bite cannot be thrown off by even a micron (when jaw closes) or it will cause pain. Happened to me once and when I went back, the dentist tried to convince me that I needed a root canal. Told him no, just fix what he'd done on the first visit. After he removed the excess the pain went away. Question is... do they do this deliberately? Did your dentist try to sell you on something expensive?


Ahhh that anti inflammatory is amazing - I'm taking that and percocettes it's helping me do much!

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