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hi my name is gloria and as a child i had earaches alot my mom used a roll up newspaper made it into a cone put it in the ear lite it up on top with fire and all the water will evaperate u can hear it come out it work very good put a towel around ur ear and u will be good as new

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This really works. You can buy ear candles at health stores that serve the same purpose. Stop being so skeptical and try it for yourselves, people.

i like 3rd degree burns in my ear canal

Ear candling doesn't work and it is dangerous. The 'buildup' you see in the cone is soot. It's a psychosomatic cure; aka it's all in your head. But if you want to risk burns and such with no true affect go for it.
I'm sure they'll be some naysayers because it worked for your grandma Betty and uncle Lester but I am going to trust science over senility anyday.

Halie, Tx

Ear candleing does actually work my mom has been candleing my ears for years now and my dr has seen a drastic change in the wax in my ears etc, and i dont have as many ear infections that i used to. He told my mom to keep candleing my ears because he has seen such an improvement. we dont use the newspaper trick we just by the bees wax ear candles from the health store. i definatly recomend this it helps alot. the white powder that comes out of your ears is the infection, and the darker harder stuff is wax. it actually takes out infection that you might not have realized u have because it was down so deep but u will realize it as it comes out. anyways wish ya'll the best of luck.

C Taft 26

You can also light a cigarette preferably a 100 and stick the butt end in your ear. It will do the same thing and you don't have to worry as much about catching on fire, or hot air from a blow dryer burning your face. You could also improve the blow dryer remedy by funneling the hot air into your ear with a newspaper or funnel... I've had a lot of experience with ear infections and ear aches, so much so, that i've had my eardrum rebuilt. So please take comfort in knowing you can truly trust my advice... To add to my cigarette remedy, you can tilt your ear with the lit cigarette in it slightly towards the ground and it will work even better. To be safer, just look in a mirror while your doing this so you can see when the cigarette is getting short. With this remedy you will also be able to hear the water drying up so don't be alarmed.


Gloria, several years ago my friend which is a medical doctor did that to me, and it worked beautifully. El Paso, Texas

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