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hi my name is gloria and as a child i had earaches alot my mom used a roll up newspaper made it into a cone put it in the ear lite it up on top with fire and all the water will evaperate u can hear it come out it work very good put a towel around ur ear and u will be good as new

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The actualy sell Ear Candles now at most health food stores and spas. Its the same concept but a little safer and much easier. It definately cleans out wax build-up. Its reccomended to do it about twice a year.


yeah i agree with you,
it is a really good cure and my mom has always done it for me,
it's about time that more people knew about it!


Some people are just rude and ignorant... I had a throbbing ear ache tonight and my step dad told me his mexican buddie showed him this trick.. I tryed it and helped a little .. He told me When he did it it completely gave him satisfaction.. Great remedie though


There's an awful lot of sick desperate bastards out there. You know what also works for ear infections? Antibiotics, you fucking retards.


I could see how it would work but can you tell me what side i put against my ear?


Ok I have a middle ear infection and i am trying to find anyway to get rid of the fluid. I no longer have the pain thanks to using the warm olive oil trick...but when I tried this way nothing happened. Did I do it wrong? or does this not work for middle ear fluid?


Some people who have posted to this comment are such idiots. You never know what will work until you try it!!

This actually is a variation of what is called 'ear candling.' I live in Central Illinois and there are Amish and Menonite people and stores in my area. They use this as a way to clear out any backed up ear wax in the ear. The best way to avoid the hair on fire thing is to 1. Place a piece of tin foil on your head around the newspaper or ear candle you have in your ear or 2. cut a hole in a pizza box, paper plate, etc and place the candle in the hole and it will stop any fire from hitting your hair. The ear candles we purchase from the Amish goods store are like a piece of wax covered paper or mesh that is shaped like a taper candle. You put the point in your ear and your partner (who will be controlling the fire end) will lite the candle. While it is burning, they will be sure there are no spare flames hitting your hair and will also put the 'ashes' of the candle into a bowl of water for safety.

The only thing I would make sure of is that you have not recently gotten out of a pool or shower because any water in your ear will boil from the smoke and will actually do more harm then good.

The way it works is the smoke is forced into your ear and it softens and forces the wax buildup and dry skin cells in your ear into the end of the candle. If you cut open the tapered end of the candle that was in your ear you will see what was sucked out of your ear. Many times you will hear or feel the 'suck' of the wax. It mostly happens all at once.

I have never heard of this being a remedy for ear aches or infections. Mostly my family has used this as a wax build up remedy.


A Blow Dryer To The Ear Is The Same Concept But Much Safer! =)


Hi Gloria,
my mother has used this old method and I use it on my kids.
One thing one should know is that you should not do this to yourself. It is important that someone who has experience should do the procedure. The cone tip must be very thin and it is not to be pressed against the ear, but held in the ear canal.
The procedure should also be done by a faucet - and having a towel, or protection around the head/hair is obviously important.
The heat helps to vaporize the liquid in the ear, if done correctly you will hear/see a flux (pop)of air in the cone funnel--and the relief of pain is practically instant.
But again, this is not a procedure that one can do to oneself. g'luck.


This does work, except now they actually make Ear Candles. In fact, I've been suffering from some pain in my left ear and tomorrow after work I'm going to pick up a few at the nutrition store.

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