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hi my name is gloria and as a child i had earaches alot my mom used a roll up newspaper made it into a cone put it in the ear lite it up on top with fire and all the water will evaperate u can hear it come out it work very good put a towel around ur ear and u will be good as new

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Anne R

Does nobody monitor this site? Some of the comments are disgusting to what is a serious subject and website.
Shame on you idiots who posted them :x


I have an ear infection as well, and i remember one of my Dads friend, doing the newspaper thing, im going to see if it will work for me.


Even though the comments on this site can be ridulous, they are great for a good laugh . . that's for sure!


OMG, that was funny!Thanx alot, I really needed that!


I did the same thing for years until I started to make Ear Candles, a hollow cone that you light and the smoke goes into the ear and breaks up any impaction and stimulated the lymphatic system to drain. It helps with allergies, migraine, headaches, sinuses,


I have come to learn (from many years of trial and error) that if you shove a huge, throbbing horse penis into your ear and let it drip with the essence of life than you'll be a-o-k.

davine diaz

what the hell lady are u fucking nuts who the hell would trust your remedy dont you know something like this can tramtize your kids
~og pebblez~
~davine diaz~


davine diaz, your such an idiot. How do you know it'll tramatize anyone if ya haven't tried it. You should try it on yourself and see. If you die oh well not my loss


The burning newspaper was my mom's voodoo cure for an ear infection. It worked the first time, every time. I am afraid to try it, though.

your mother

to the pervert in Siloam Springs, AR/
Ft Smith-Fay-Springfield, AR
(the one with the horse penis comment) Cox Communications has been informed of your internet abuse and your account will be deactivated shortly.

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