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After days of pain and doing almost everything here I tried VODKA. 13 hours later still no pain. I slept like a baby after I did it.. Simply take about a cap full and swish it around the infected tooth. now this will burn and hurt but I left it in for about a min or so and like i said 13 hours later no pain...

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I swear by whiskey of the bourbon variety because it tastes good! I have a lot of experience with toothaches, and alcohol is the only thing I've found to be effective for nerve pain. I swallow it, though.

Painless mouth :-)

Thank u so much done this twice swallowing the vodka and went from 10 (looking for a bullet) to 0 as if I never had a tooth ache. BTW I had 3 nurofen about 2 hours earlier and a codeine forte a little after that but no relief until I done the vodka soak, it burns the hell out if ya tongue but don't chicken out keep it in as long as u can and swallow if u can if u don't have to drive


you had an infection and the alcohol got rid of it any alcohol except beer or other high sugar alcoholic beverages will work

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