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My daughter is 7 and has had eczema since birth. She has it over 70% of her body but worse in the creases of her body. She has had skin test after skin test and they found she is allergic to eggs,beef,dyes,fragrance,mold,trees,grass and many other things. Her eczema is usually always out of control no matter what I do. But I took her to a different allergy specialist and he has her on a GREAT plan that works wonders. We both cried each night at bath time because of the burning but it has got alot better with this plan. The plan is:

Allegra 2x/day
Singular RX 1x/day
Periactin RX 1x/day
50/50 apple cider viniger and water on bad areas
Aquaphor several times a day
Curel with the National Eczema Assoc. seal on it
Derma-Smoothe RX (dont dry off, apply right out of the shower)

This was the miracle combo!!! Parents that deal with this everyday with their children are real troopers. Maybe one day their will be a complete cure, but until then I'm sticking to what I know helps and I hope it helps you too.

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Hello I was very interested in ur remedy for your child. My boyfriend has eczema and he has tired almost very thing. But I would like to know how does that 50/50 apple cider and vingar and water work can you please explain a bit more


Sounds like alot of money


This is a home remedy? Prescription drugs?????


please don't think i'm being critical, as a fellow parent of a child with eczema, believe me i understand that when you find something that works, you don't mess with it!!!! i was just wondering if you have any concerns with so much prescription medication for your little girl? God bless!!!! :)


My Daughter is 3 yrs old and has had Eczema sense she was born from what the Derm told me. She looked like she had Chicken Pox. When she was diagnosed when was only 6 months old. And they also told us that it had a Staff infection in the eczema. That scared me to death. I never seen anything like this. In the past month it has gotten worse and has spread to her feet. And I made a new appointment but the Derm cant get her in till Aug. 1ST.

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