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Over the years I have had these in the buttocks area a few times, but this year I had 3 -- it was a very stressful year for me and I also put on some weight. I do believe poor circulation is related to this problem. What always works for me is soaking the area for 20 minutes in hot water with epsom salts. While you are in the water, you often can squeeze it using a cloth so the infectious drainage does not get into the water when it bursts. If not, repeat the soaking 12-24 hours later and try again. Once it opens, repeat the soak again to help clean out any remaining material. Also rub castor oil on the boil and surrounding area before and after it drains. Castor oil will clear out the infection in the surrounding tissues if you keep applying it for several days after it bursts. I also suggest cleaning with peroxide and applying Neosporin on the first day or two after it bursts. I do not think you should bandage a drainage, it is better to leave this kind of wound open and clean.

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