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I lost a job once because I had so many nose bleeds & when a person suggested I try this I told them they were crazy. But, I've had quite a bit of luck with this method! Whenever my nose starts bleeding, I grab a spoon from the kitchen & stick it on some ice in the freezer until it's really cold (doesn't take long if you regularly keep ice in your freezer, or other frozen stuff). Then I pull it out of the freezer & rub the spoon over the base of my neck/between my shoulders (right over the most prominent spinal process). There have been a couple of times where I've had to repeat it once or twice, but for the most part my nose usually stops bleeding immediately or drastically slows the bleeding! It blew my mind that this actually worked, but if you're as desperate as I was to stop your nose bleeds you should give it a try :)

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