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I dont have a remedy. I was actually looking for something to help with the knots that I usually get with an OB in my groin area. After reading over some of the responses about people who have just in diagnosed, let me tell you.. I thought at 19 it was the end of the world as well. I thought I couldn't have children, no one would want me, i was marked for life. I am now almost 28 years old.. a mother to a beautiful child who is free of this disease. I am not in a relationship, but my disease does not keep me from having a significant other. I understand there are some people on here who feel no one will want them. Let me tell you this, that is not the case. This virus is so common amongst people it is sad. Just look at the pages upon pages of people confessing that they have it. I have told my partners that I have it along the years, giving them the choice on what they want to do.. I have ran into a couple of people who already had it or had a partner that had it. Others just dont care because they care about you. Some times my outbreaks bother me... sometimes they dont. They are usually predictable. Sometimes I have to go without the medicines sometimes I have it. Over the years I learned to accept the fact that I was given this without a choice. Although I dont like having it I do not allow it to completely shut me down and make me not want to gt out there and either educate or continue to find love for myself. I can honestly say that the virus has never broken me up with a boyfriend. I forget I have it until it pops up... but I deal with it and keep moving.. For those of you who have just gotten this virus, trust me.. everything will be alright. You will make it through.. you are not tarnished.. you are still who you are.. a beautiful person.

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i am also 19 and ur post kind of helped me understand that anything is possible although im still shocked n i beilive the man i love will never want me i think i will make it... but mine is genital herpes so do you no of anything that can help the itching n burning n spreding


I contracted hsv the night of my 30th birthday 4months ago. I went out with a guy that i had dated in the past and he didnt tell me he had it. I was so distraught. I felt that my life was ruined, that i could never be with anyone else. Ive had an outbreak every 2 months since then. Im currently going through my 3rd one now. Im begining to come to terms with it and im learning to except it. I made it to 30 without ever having ANYTHING and on top of being depressed about leaving my 20's i had to deal with finding out i have something that i will never be able to cure. Im glad i found your post because thats exactly how i felt. Tainted. It has helped me to realize that i can lead a normal life. Its still hard and i hate that it happened but we cant change it now. I stress to my friends how precious our bodies are and i look at sex and men in a whole different prospective. Anyway thanks for posting. You have truley helped me.


Thank you so much. your kind words have made me feel a million times better.


thank you for ur support =) im 18 and a senior.. ur post just make me smile and i will find that special =)


I have had it now about a year and just had my first ob and it is the worst pain ever and don't know how to ease the pain. When I found out I had it it felt like the end of the world. In time I would forget about it but now I got my first ob and I am so depressed and hating life. What do I do to ease the pain?


Thank you for your post. I'm 35 & just found out several months ago that I have this disease. Unfortunately it came as I FINALLY decided I wanted to settle down & marry (irony @ it's best). I struggle daily with how to handle this & my options for a healthy, successful relationship. Your post has given me hope. Thank you.

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