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Brittany m

I said that I would let everyone know I'f this zinc gluconate powder works. And you wouldn't believe it but it works better than Tylenol pm. I'f u have an extra 25 bucks it worth your money. When I posted about a week ago I had one spot. And yesterday I noticed another one in the same spot and then another one. So I just used the lid put idk a palm full and added some water, put it on. I dry it with a book for whatever I can find just so it will dry faster. (did this during the day) and I soaked in Epsom salt with peppermint before I put on some more . So llast night I went ahead and mixed a half of tylenol pm together with.( I used tylenol because it seemed to help it stick to me better) My bumps where red yesterday. And this morning they are my skin color. Their still their but never had. anything take down the size and color that fast!! hope this helps everyone!

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Zinc Gluconate 12-14%, works great mixed with hydrogen peroxide as a paste, but Black Salve works even better and faster. The Black Salve will burn the sores within 15 to 20 minutes. If you feel one coming, use the Black Salve, and you will not get it. You have to be careful with both because they can burn your skin. I have had H2 for 12 years and nothing has work as good as the Black Salve. It will sting at first then the pain will go away. I been taking MMS2 for six months, 3 to 5 pills a day and plan to do this for a year. I also take a spoon of Virgin Coconut Oil every morning, and I take baking soda with Apple Cider Vinegar once a day to alkaline my body. I take my Lysine, 2000 to 3000 mg, lecithin (2500 mg), Red Marine Algae, with all my vitamins daily. I do take Cell Food drops in my water or drinks for oxygen. I use DMSO and Virgin Coconut Oil on my spine, front and back. Make sure you wash first, then spray with hydrogen peroxide 3% to take any soap residue off your skin before putting the DMSO and the Virgin Coconut Oil. Do this two or three times a week, more or less depending on your OB's. I use DMSO 99.9%. I have tried so many things and spent lots of money on stuff that did not work. This has work for me, I hardly get any OB's.
I forget I even have this H2, and I can
pretty much eat whatever I want. I hope this helps and good luck everyone.

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