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None'Ya (;

Hello fellow toothache sufferers. :)
I'm finally able to put a smiley ^ up there . A few minutes ago i thought i was going to die though. Im not going to bore you with all the details ; ima skip to straight what works . . for me .
Hope it works for you too .
1.) Take 2 Naproxins/ aleve
(you can take advil, tylenol, iburprofen, etc..)
2.) PURE vanilla extract on cotton ball, put it on the tooth and it should either take your pain away 100% instantely , orr if you're like me , takes it down about 80 % , i still had pain after this .
3.) soo, take a tea bag and warm it up with hot water place in your mouth for about 10 minutes,
within 20 mins.. your pain should be gone. (:
HOPE IT WORKS YALL ! If yall like me, i know u need some sleep . :D

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Oh my. I was doubtful, and wrongfully so because it did work instantly! I hope it lasts Fingers crossed! Thank you!!!!!


Don't work!!!


trying it now will let u know


I took two tylenol, and then got a cotton ball and put the vanilla extract on it...i SWEAR the pain was gone! I did it about 10 minutes ago and it hasnt come back yet. :)


I had some Aleve but I only had peppermint extract and it still seemed to help. Thank you so much


Works great. Now i can get some sleep. Nice relief untill i can get to the dentist.


I took 2 Ibuprofen (Motrin) & only had a dominican vanilla imitation extract so didnt used that instead I did the tea bag thingy & I didnt had to wait 10 mins & the pain was gone... (after that, I swish around some Hydrogen Peroxide Solution just to start killing some bacteria/infection)


holy shit thank you!! i was willing to try anything but this is very harmless and very affective temp pain relief :) but remember everyone to still go to the dentist as soon as you can


Worked like a charm...with just the vanilla...and believe my pain level was in the insanity range....sleep here I come....thanks


Omg, I have been in pain since friday, its monday night. I seen the advice about vanilla extract... works like a champ. i was drinking ice cold water all day, i went through over a 24 pack in the 3 days. this worked like a champ. Thank god! I felt like all i was doing was drinking and peeing all weekend!

Pain Level Before: 8 After Pure Vanilla Extract: 1 if that.

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