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I have a back moler that has been hurting for about a week asprin isnt working anymore. I have tryed a few things and some worked for me and some didnt. first i tryed the warm salt water that did nothing for me. Next i tryed vinager on a Q tip and applyed it to the tooth and that actualy took the pain away but only for a few mins. then i tryed the garlic thing and OMG that was the worst thing i could have done the pain was worse than it had ever been!!! Next i put peanut butter on the tooth and i was suprised when that worked but only untill it disolved. so then i tryed the vanilla extract and was also suprised when that worked but again only for a few mins. the last thing i have tryed is the tea bag (black tea) i boiled water and put the tea bag in it for a few mins then i took it out and put in my mouth along the gum line by the bad tooth for about one min and that took the pain away it has bee about 45 mins since i did it and still no pain im happy for now. Hope this info helps. Good luck

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What do you do with the vanilla?

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