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Ive had horrible menstral cramps ever since i have been in high school. so bad i would have to leave school early sometimes. But what i have found to do most of the trick. is 2 pamprin a hot cup of tea and a home made heating pad. I got the heating pad idea from my grandma. Just take a long tube sock fill it with beans (your choice of lol) tie the end of the sock and place in the microwave for two mins. It stays hot for a long period of time too. if you don't wanna use beans you can also use rice.

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If you don't have a heating pad try using a plastic soda bottle filled with hot water and wrapped in a towel. It can be a 20oz or a 2liter. With a 20oz it fits in a sock which stays on better but a 2liter stays hot and for some girls the weight of the bottle also helps soothe the cramps.


I've suffffered from horrible cramps my entire life and this home heating pad idea is pure genius! Thank you:)


The best thing for cramps is Hot tea with a tea spoon of cinnamon...drink wile is hot, and a hot pad in you're belly!!!!!!

Babyy Boo (:

` i started my period when i was 11 &&'d boyy do i hell hate it ! Its so bad my mother has too come get met from school or i have too stayy from school , ive alomost past out a couple of times . But i take pamprin , drink vinegar , mustard , lay in a hot tub scolding water , and lay down too put a heating pad on my stomach ! All these things helps alot (: #But lord knows if EVE was alive id kill her !

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