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I have horrible stretch marks I'm 14, there is this stuff called ' utterly smooth' and you can get it at walmart, it's used for cow utters, if you lightley smooth it(don't rub yet!!) over your stretch marks, wait 10 minuets, then rub it in, they are WAY smaller!!!! Mine are gone pretty much after just one session!! :D

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What store did you get it from?


how much does it cost?


Its only a few bucks


Cow udders not utters ;p


Had no effect on mine. :(


Yeah, I've been using it everyday for a month now and it believe it or not, just made them redder and more visible.. This is horrible :(


This worked for about 5 seconds. I put it on rubbed it in and my stretch marks looked like they were gone tell I looked again and it looked like nothing even changed.

Ur mom

WAT THE FUCKK!! does it work or not?? Oh my fuckkin godd!!


Im scared cuz if i buy it and makes my stretch marks worse imma be scarred for life..... I just want them to go away, ineed a real thing thatll actually work!!!:'(

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