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Thanks everyone!

It's DAY TWO. I came home from my cottage where I had been sleeping in a tent with my little cousins, and got a phonecall the next day....LICE INFESTATION!!!! YIKES!!!! As an adult with no kids, I can honestly say that I haven't given lice a second thought for 20 some years... My mother found a nit on my head, so I flew into a panic and bought the super toxic R&C shampoo and did a dose. After the treatment, I found about 25 nits with the nit comb. Then, I went to the internet, and read all this stuff! Well, last night I covered my head in mayo, saran wrap, and slept through the night... Nit combed again in the morning and found about 4 more nits. Doused my head in organic wine vinegar, nit-combed again, and found 2 more nits. I'm starting to feel like some kind of lice warrior now.... They don't stand a chance! I am now covered in cetaphyl. I will rinse tomorrow morning, and have my mother do one really thorough nit-combing... (it's hard to do a good job by yourself!!!) I washed and bagged all linins, luggage, clothes, and boiled the evil culprit straw hat that ALL the little kids had on their head at sometime or another, and vacumed my mattress. Last night...(with the mayonnaise saranwrap extravaganze) I slept with a towel over my pillow case, which I washed this morning, and I'll throw the linins in the dryer again just in case before bedtime.... I checked my mom and sister, and they look clear, but I washed all their linins and clothes too, and I'll keep checking their heads as I check my own. Thank God I've had the last couple days off! (Not that its a very fun way to spend your holidays...)

I still haven't laid eyes on an actual louse... Hopefully there were only a stowaway or two, and they've been eradicated.

Here's the question... Do you think I should still do the second treatment in 5 days, even if I see no nits? I wish I could detatch my own head and check, because it's so hard to do myself, and I am reluctant to trust my mom, who seems rather laisser-faire about the whole thing....


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yes you should it would be better to take precautions than not to


I agree.... It's funny (darkly) that I'm normally quite an environmentally concerned naturalist...But there's something about live bugs feeding on me that makes me very enthusiastic about toxic pesticides.

It's now day 4...After the Cetaphil, I combed out another 15 nits...still no bugs, dead or alive. Then doused my head in listerine, combed...another 2 nits...rinsed, conditioned, combed...another nit! Then I rinsed, and combed nits! Before bed, I covered my hair in olive oil, nit combed...1 more nit! Slept in the olive oil with saran wrap on. Woke up in the morning...rinsed, combed...2 more nits!

Today, I bought the TERMINATOR nit comb. It has super close together needles that have tiny little sharp grooves that are supposed to damage the nits as you drag the comb through your hair...pretty sure it damaged my hair pretty badly too, but who cares! It's amazing how some lice put everything else in perspective.

After my first 2 hour comb out with the terminator, I found 2 more nits....DEAR LORD.

Well, it's time for an extremely strong cocktail, and another comb out tonight. My hair is fried from all these weird treatments. I was growing it out, but we'll see how it looks at the end of this episode.


I'm just going to fill you in, because if anyone out there is anything like me, you will find nits and then spend the next 4 days obsessively reading anything out there online about lice!

Day 5... Did a vinegar rinse this morning, and another comb-out with the TERMINATOR. Now, I don't know why, but the only nit I found was all mushy and definately didn't seem viable...Might have been that the vinegar made it that way, or the tiny blades on the TERMINATOR that are supposed to damage nits (from my comb-out last night)...OR (terror!) it had hatched!

I don't really think it was a hatched shell though, because it was dark tan, just like all the others I have been finding, and I think the hatched ones are closer to white or clear. (I never knew I would become such an expert on LICE!)

I am MUCH more calm now, (although my hydro bill is going to be through the roof from the incessant laundering I've been doing.)

Still haven't seen a single bug, dead or alive. I'm hoping this is the end of my saga, although I will do the second treatment of toxic awfulness in a couple days just to be safe. (I know, you're not supposed to do that, but I think the toxins are not as dangerous for my system as the STRESS of wondering whether teeny tiny bugs are hatching on my head.)

I wish you all the best of luck... I don't envy those of you with kids who have to hope that other parents are being as diligent as you! At least I only have myself to worry about....


Okay...Still me.

Combouts have been clean. Here is what's weird now!

As I mentioned, I never saw a live bug on my head. I never felt itchy. I treated myself for days, and the back of my neck has just been getting itchier and itchier. It looks like I have about 50 bites at the nape of my neck. Just like in the pictures you can google of lice bites. It's so upsetting and gross.

What confuses me, is why do I suddenly have these marks? After days of finding no bugs and only a 5 or 6 nits, (not including the first day when I found plenty of nits, but had no visible bites!)

I have been laundering my bedding every day, including my pillow, and wearing my hair up everyday...

Maybe it's because I have lice on the brain now, so I have been scratching alot...Maybe all those oils and disinfectants I've been soaking myself in have irritated my neck...

I'm beside myself now. I don't know how to get through the hours without thinking of lice....



Your story rings true in our minds. And your humor is appreciated. We too are in the midst of the Lice Battle and WE WILL PREVAIL! It seems you've done it all right, but I have to wonder, have you ever been tested for excessive compulsive behavior? My wife thinks NO, you're completely justified. THIS IS WAR!!!!


OMG thanks for the laugh./


There is an electronic lice comb I found for around $30.00. It runs via a battery and hums. When you come across a live louse it stings it and you will find it on the comb. You must run it completely through your hair to the end if the shaft for the bugger could come off. It WILL NOT take out eggs but it gives me a peace of mind when I start to feel itchy. I run to the bathroom, even while at work, and run the comb through my hair. Still need to get nits out via another method and I killed them via other methods as well. This is just to keep me sane during the day!

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