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First let me say I am a bit if an expert on personal experience with stones , I have had them over thirty times, and 3 lithotrypsys to have larger ones broken up. If you feel that real pain starting don't let it become intense, in fact start drinking as much fluid as possible, except caffeine drinks, they will cause more pain, drink until you can't drink any more and continue every five minutes. The pain comes from the stone moving from the kidney to the urethra but its at a normal filtration rate. The trick is basically flushing the kidney. It's like pulling a band aid off fast vs slow. Yes it will still hurt but instead of the pain that can disable you for hours it will only last about 30 minutes. Faster then pain medicine will kick in. Pain mess help with larger stones but for anything under 8 mm I recommend the flush. The hospital does the same thing with I.v. fluids but they add pain and anti nausea medicine usually, but after a few days if pain medicine the withdraws are not worth the 30 minutes you needed them. I.v. fluid is also slower then force drinking. Trust me it has worked on my last 6 stones the largest 6 mm the smallest 3 mm and all were the same, about 30-45 minutes if the drinking the stone was flushed and passed within the next ten hours

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Thanks for your advice. I have had some pain relief from my .7 stone as a result of following your advice with the vinegar, lemon juice, and water, water, water.
So much appreciate your help


FINALLY, someone puts What Size their stone was that they passed.. 5 days ago i had extreme pain so had to visit ER. Turns out its a kidney stone, 6mm x 3mm. the doctors said it should be out in a couple days, if not then come back and make an appointment where they use sound waves to break it up. (I dislike using medicine and avoid hospitals at all costs - I'd love to use natural cures that werent made in testubes.) My sister is a nurse and she was told its hard to pass stuff over 5mm.. The pain doesn't seem as bad now, but i'm really hoping the stuff on these pages will work. i already have kidney issues, but this wasnt something i expected. Thank you.


Bah! You think 3 lithotripsys is bad? I'm going on my fifth one! And I've only been fighting these babies for 2 years! I don't grow passable stones, just abnormally large ones!!


I have had small stones for about 6 months now and cant pass them... I dont kmow what size they are, i dont have insurance.. But I cant pass them. I have tried the acv and its not working, I tried water, its not working... Im so sick of hurting... The er said that there not moving but wont do anything because I dont have insurance.

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