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Do NOT put a temporary filling/cap on your tooth if you have an abscess, you'll make it much worse because it needs somewhere to drain, if you cap it you're just creating a build up of pressure. The best thing you can do is take pain medicines and keep the tooth as clean as possible. Any antibacterial or anticeptics that are able to be in the mouth should be put around on the gums and on the tooth hole. If you have pockets of puss put some oregel on the site and open the pocket with a sterilized needle or blade. I will be trying a new method next week, I ordered antibacterial throat lozenges off amazon called Strepsil. I read somewhere that if you keep the lozenger on the gum site where the abscess is that it will disinfect it and destroy the abscess. It sounds pretty promising.

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Hi did the lozenges work ?

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