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I used those Kinoki foot pads, the as seen on tv stuff and my atheletes foot disapeared for weeks at a time, when i tried to go back to walgreens and get them they were no longer selling them, however you can get them online. The foot detox pads worked so well, I have the worst athletes feet ever, they are always red with blisters and swelling, I also never wear shoes so I dont understand why I have it so bad. I will swear by those detox pads though.

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you answered yourself...

'I also never wear shoes so I dont understand why I have it so bad. I will swear by those detox pads though.'

DETOX...not with just pads, but from inside out...clean ur kidneys, ur liver, ur colon, ur body too...

the human body is like an engine, u have to change the oil periodically...


Those pads might work well, but this website is for home remedies - not specialty pharmaceuticals!


You keep getting the AF exactly BECAUSE you don't wear socks - the fungus is embedded in your shoes, so even though you wash your feet each night (we hope), you slide your clean bare feet into fungus-infused shoes each morning. Leather sandals are like a resort-town if you're a fungus! Wrap your sandals in a grocery bag and stick them in the freezer for 24 hours to kill the fungus.


There is a difference between not wearing shoes and not wearing socks. Come on, people. Not wearing shoes is better for athletes foot than enclosing the foot in a dark, fitted shoe, with or without socks. Socks are a must, if you wear shoes. The less you wear shoes while treating the athletes foot, the better. Air is one of the best accompaniments to any cure, natural or store bought. In warm weather, doing treatment then sitting out in the sun (with sunscreen on to prevent burning, of course) is a huge boost to the healing process. Fungus likes wet, dark places. Do the opposite. I mean, shut up about not wearing shoes making it worse. You sound like morons.

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