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I have had psoriasis on my stomach, ears, and scalp for as long as i can remember. my doctors always told me it was something other than it was, and had been giving me medication and ointments for other skin issues. just recently one doctor told me it was psoriasis and prescribed me triamcinolone acetonide ointment (0.1%)
and it has worked tremendously on my stomach and ears. my scalp im still struggling with. before i had this ointment i was using caseline and tee tree oil and neither were working. i would complain to my mother that as an athelete i couldnt run around in a sports bra like everyone else. and it was hard to change in the lockerrooms and have people ask 'why is your stomach red?' and stuff like that. or when people would say 'you should cclean your ears theyre falking', i was trying to find a way to cover it up and treat it and couldnt. but 2 days after i used that ointment my p was entirely gone! get some! it also helpps acne i hear :)

oh and also- yesterday kim kardashian found out that she has psoriasis also, so were not alone ;)

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I have psoriasis on my scalp and I use a tar shampoo it really helps!! You can buy it anywhere as well.


who is kim kardashian


I seen that. Kim's dad won something in the olympics 30 some years ago, became rich, and now his daughters and wife have a series on t.v. :)


My husband has been using that cream for about a month and has done nothing for him. Glad it has helped you!


get i get names of Tar shampoos that are good?


Only works with Meds and with give you very deep stretch marks if applied near elbows groins knees


hi, just to let you know that if the cream helping you it deosn't mean you're getting red of the cause each and everyone of us should not touch the bread all kind of wheat, corn ,proceess food , just check alkaline diet and gluten free that's the only solution, because if you're fixing your skin you will definitly end up with more harm issue this not your fault it's what they put in our food please trust me if you need any more information let me know or emailme , luck. we should be lucky to have a signal ,our body telling something wrong if you cover the redness it's going to cause problem in different area. what's hapenning this like volcano it releasing the heat from our body, please please check the alkaline diet ,you will be surprise.


I myself have been dealing with red dry thick scaly patches on my sideburn and temple area for the past eight months. In that time I have seen two dermatologists, the first charged $145 a visit (went three times and was diagnosed with scalp psoriasis) During that time I was injected with Cortisone, prescribed Lamisil Tablets, Clobex Spray, and Triamex Cream. I was told to use T-Gel shampoo with Coal Tar and leave it on for several minutes and if possible leave it on and go out in the sun. I tried Vaseline, Baby’s Butt Cream, Vicks Vapor Rub, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Oatmeal Paste, an Epson Salt Soak, Jason’s Dandruff Shampoo, Apple Cider Vinegar, swimming in the ocean hoping the salt water would help and other home remedies I can’t even remember. Not seeing any results I decided to go to a Kaiser dermatologist (covered through my insurance and a $5 co-pay) and he diagnosed my problem as seborrheic dermatitis and not scalp psoriasis. I informed him of the medications I was previously prescribed and he said Clobex is a very strong steroid and warned against using it. He basically said I have three options, which were to do nothing and eventually it should probably go away on its own. Number two, I could use a over-the counter cream or number three, try using Fluocinonide Topical Solution (Lidex) twice a day for two weeks along with T/Sal Shampoo with Salicylic Acid 3.0%. Of course I chose the third option and after one week I have seen amazing results. There are no more scaly patches, my skin is smoother and the redness is starting to go away. On top of that the itching is completely gone. He suggested using the medication for two weeks but if it should go away before that to stop using it since the skin will build up a resistance after two weeks and if I should have another flare up in the future to start the process all over again. I hope this helps since what you have might not be psoriasis at all.

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