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Migraine help naturally -

I take Butterbur and Feverfew daily. I have been getting hormonal migraines with the onset of a period. Caffeine helps dilate the blood vessels.
I take it easy and try to relax. Quiet and dark.

The cold pack on the neck as many other people mentioned helps. Sometimes I have to go to the ER which is awful! I cannot take Imitres. Sometimes in the past a shot in the butt of Toradol works fine. But it is still a pain in the ass for a couple of days. Better than a continuing migraine.

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you meantion Caffeine to help dilate the blood vessel for the migraine....when a migraine is happening, the blood vessels are already dilated only TOO much!they need to constrict to get rid of the migraine! odd thought I know; you would think the opposite but it's true. blood vessels are dilated during amigraine!

DUTTA-31yr- BANGALORE- 3yr old migraine

DUTTA-31yr- BANGALORE- 3yr old migraine

If all is well in our body vessels should be fine.. I was fighting migraine for last 3 yr every week without knowing that it is migraine... Recently I googled headache+one side + reliev+ vomiting.
I concluded that I have migraine and i luckily joined yoga+ meditation workshop same time which I practice everyday. One day when I had nausea and I was due with my daily 'Sudarahan Keiya' .... I decided to go ahead with Kriya... To my surprise it was gone 40-60% within 30 mins of kriya and 90% in next 1-2 hours.
I decided to devote myself more and do it regularly... Which has helped me by not having severe migraines and if it comes it is in controllable state JUST BELIEVE when NAUSEA starts that 'SUDARASHAN KRIYA' will work.

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